• European VC Platform

    By and for community-builders in European Tech
  • What is the VC Platform Community?

    What are we?

    The European VC Platform is a community for community-builders in European tech VC. It is a space to ask questions, share best practices, and, yes, even discuss mistakes.

    plat·form build·er | noun

    - a person whose role is to work with and alongside a portfolio of companies

    - can be in roles such as business development, talent, community, etc.

    Ex) VC portfolio/talent manager, GM of a co-working space, director of an accelerator

  • European VC Platform has 2 main rules


    Focus on Platform

    Members must spend > 51% of their time in a dedicated value-add capacity (talent, community, platform, finance, etc.) on a weekly basis for startups


    No Selling

    There is absolutely no selling of any products or services of any kind within this community